Frank Perlmutter, Strategic BCP

Our company name "Strategic Business Continuity Professionals" reflects our experience as active participants in all aspects of BC planning and management, and business continuity consulting.

BCM insight.

Our president and co-founder, Frank Perlmutter (CBCP, MBCI) has nearly two decades of BCM involvement. His hands-on experience includes roles as Manager of Disaster Recovery/Continuity of Operations Planning for the U.S. Department of the Treasury and as a Senior Information Technology Consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP and Ernst & Young. Frank is also a co-author of both ResilienceONE® BCM Software and the BCP Genome.

BCM education.

As a nationally recognized speaker on BCM, Frank has long been an advocate for raising the profile and relevance of BC professionals. Among his scores of professionally delivered Webinars, his "Become a Better Planner" series stands out for its insight and practical examples on how BC professionals can upgrade their efficiency and relevance within an organization—regardless of the BCM software or methodology they use.

Hands-on BCM support.

Our team of BCM practitioners—consultants, supporting software developers, and customer support specialists—provides complementary hands-on BCM experience and business continuity consulting. This collective expertise makes both Strategic BCP® and ResilienceONE® more versatile and adaptable to the day-to-day and the strategic needs of BC professionals across multiple industry applications. In fact, our willingness to work with our customers to provide FREE data migration from their existing plans, and to address their unique challenges, has led directly to enhancements of ResilienceONE® capabilities to satisfy specific needs.