BCP Genome

Every program needs a strategic foundation

The most well documented business continuity management foundation in the industry makes ResilienceONE® software better by design. We call it the BCP Genome. It is a series of 101 criteria distilled and synthesized by Strategic BCP® from leading industry BC standards, regulations, and best practices to ensure compliance with relevant standards across multiple industries, including:

  • ISO, NFPA, NIST, COSO, COBIT, and others for general business applications.
  • FFIEC, NASD, OCC, NYSE, and Basel II and III standards across various financial markets.
  • HIPAA, Joint Commission 2.30, and Medicare/Medicaid in healthcare.

Added power behind the ResilienceONE methodology

Coupled with our integrated seven-layer business continuity hierarchy and the power of our relational database that links all those layers, the BCP Genome makes ResilienceONE the most full-featured and versatile solution for compliance with business continuity standards across ALL industries.

Use the BCP Genome to fine-tune your current plan

You don't have to be a ResilienceONE user to benefit from our BCP Genome checklist. You can request a full-scale or high-level Plan Assessment as one of our advisory and consulting services to pinpoint potential vulnerabilities in your current plans and identify ways to provide more resilient business continuity coverage.