ResilienceONE® for Business Continuity

Minimize downtime impact

ResilienceONE® BCM software provides for continued operation without normal facilities, personnel, or infrastructure. In a disaster; components may be inaccessible, inoperable, or damaged. Our Business Recovery Plan offers four components letting you serve customers with minimal impact:

  • IT Run Books. Step-by-step planning for IT Disaster Recovery: Users record procedures and resources for restoration of assets, linking this feature across teams.
  • Recovery Playbooks. Step-by-step templates for critical functions: Users link resources, create documentation and transfer operation blueprints online or in-print.
  • Minimal Operational Configuration. Users minimize redundancy and limit cost as they create templates to identify critical support components required to mobilize.
  • Notification Call Tree. Identify and mobilize key personnel with templates that let IT Recovery Teams identify key personnel and establish a system for their mobilization.

You can't afford business interruptions

According to Aberdeen Group, the industry average cost per hour downtime is approximately $181,770—with the total cost of business interruption averaging $418,071.1 These hard costs—and soft costs of productivity and reputation—far exceed the expense of a robust BCM solution.

Leverage ResilienceONE to:

  • Learn downtime impact to all business areas
  • Cover all aspects of resilience to minimize exposure
  • Build customized BC plans right away
  • Pinpoint and prioritize the greatest threats
  • Manage risk objectively
  • Gain instant access for unlimited users

1 Aberdeen Group, Datacenter Downtime: How Much Does it Really Cost?, February 2012.