Unmatched BC/RM planning software

Whether your current approach to business continuity planning and risk management is Word/Excel document-based or software-based, compare these potential differences in the quality and convenience of your results.

Characteristics ResilienceONE™ (Strategic BCP®) Document Based BCM
(e.g. Word/Excel)
Other BCM Tools
(Software Based)
Real-time Incident Management Dynamic, one-click recovery; automatic prioritization Manual tracking and estimation Static plans; prioritization based on experience, not actual RTO
Migration Includes FREE Data Migration from
existing BC plans
User is responsible for all data entry Evaluate limited options against your unique needs
Methodology Built-in methodology with step-by-step guidance User develops
Limited guidance
Content Provided Extensive expert content Starts with a blank page Limited content
Data Gathering Method Uses basic business questions, no jargon Open-ended input Time-consuming
survey input
Provided free User is responsible Charged as a fee
Pricing All-inclusive subscription covers unlimited users Cost is for software only,
no assistance
Piecemeal pricing creates hidden costs
Custom Reporting,
Analytics, Metrics
Includes extensive analytics, metrics, custom reporting Totally user dependent Limited analytics/metrics lead to added costs
Built-In Functionalities
(BIA, Planning, Testing, etc.)
All-inclusive BCM&P functionality Data entry only Partial functionality, requires add-on modules
Back-end Technology &
Interdependent Linkages
Fully integrated relational database links all data Data is isolated within individual documents Limited data linkage and reporting
Systems Integration Direct integration for
17 types of data
Limited data imports Limited by data types,
no automated feeds
Ease of Use for
Diverse End Users
Step-by-step guidance for multiple users User is solely responsible Limitations make sharing workload difficult
Web Access
True Web application is fully browser accessible Desktop application is totally user managed Converted Web apps can require IT configuration
Automatic Prioritization Yes No No, subjectively assigned
Assured Compliance Based on 30 key industry regulations/standards User is responsible for all compliance issues Self-developed or based on a single standard

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