Operational Risk Management

Understand risk across your operation

ResilienceONE® BCM software's Operational Risk Assessment (ORA) captures processes/procedures, links resources, and calculates impact to let you better-invest in mitigation and resiliency. Unlike other products, ResilienceONE saves time with automated data-gathering, drag-and-drop reporting, and NO customization. Relevant implementation comes out of the box—not months later.

The Operation Blueprint™ with Dependency Mapping lets users document operations, processes, and resources in order to prioritize infrastructure, personnel, and vendors. At the same time, Downtime Impact Analysis identifies important functions with configurable Risk Impact Factors to prioritize every process, resource, and dependency.

Know going in

Our ORA provides value beyond disaster mitigation. It automatically prioritizes every process and supporting asset, pinpoints ineffi¬ciencies, and provides a clear picture of every process and interaction. When disaster strikes, don’t scramble. Manage a crisis before it hits with ResilienceONE. Here’s how:

  • Risk Dashboard. Make decisions, ensure compliance, improve resilience, ensure continuity.
  • Proprietary Algorithms/Metrics. Custom reporting on all fields lets you manage risk objectively.
  • Quantitative/Qualitative Factors. Measure revenue loss, increased cost, reputational damage.
  • Identify Associated Processes/Assets. View impact, establish priorities, understand relationships.