Vendor Risk Management

Protect your outside interests

The protection offered by ResilienceONE® BCM software extends beyond the walls of your organization. Now, you can both easily access and effectively manage risks that could potentially impact those third-party vendors on whom you rely—just from a few clicks. You can quickly link vendors and external suppliers into your risk-management plans. With a calculated risk score and thresholds for every process, ResilienceONE will analyze risks from any angle.

Keep threats in-check

Whether the damage comes in the form of revenue loss, increased costs, or reputational damage—unchecked threats can destroy your business. That’s why ResilienceONE helps you protect your interests and keep those threats in check. Automated data-gathering and NO need for costly customization make it easy to protect what matters most. ResilienceONE lets you:

  • Evaluate risks to third-party vendors and outside suppliers with easy drag-and-drop reporting
  • Include outside vendors in your Recovery Timeframe Objectives (RTOs) based on potential impact
  • Develop risk-mitigation measures using sophisticated, proprietary risk-modeling algorithms
  • Identify associated processes and assets by risk, potential impact, priority and relationship