Business Continuity Management (BCM) White Papers

The BCM Professional's Playbook Series:

Convergence of Business Continuity & Risk Management

The demands placed upon Business Continuity (BC), Risk Management (RM), and Disaster Recovery (DR) pros increase every day. As a result, organizations need to reassess their approach BCM. If they don’t, they’ll get left behind, affected by continued adherence to outdated methods. The convergence of these disciplines is ongoing. Emerging regulations, frameworks, and standards place greater emphasis on RM. As decision makers accept this evolution, BC increasingly becomes a subset of RM. How the process is implemented—the value it brings a risk-based model—determines whether or not the process is a sound.

Evaluating and Applying Relevant BCM Standards

Discover a better way to address key business continuity standards and guidelines that are so important for compliance and better continuity plans. Benefit from the original BCP Genome to strengthen your own planning and compliance practices—whether you adopt its framework as is, or adapt its logic to create your own framework. Also, compare eight leading industry standards—ISO22301, FFIEC, NFPA, NIST, HIPAA, and more—to identify their strengths and gaps relative to program organization, management, training, and audit vs. emergency facilities or business and IT recovery.

Assessing, Mitigating, and Managing Risk

For many business continuity professionals, BCM is changing toward a convergence with risk management. Learn how to appreciate the difference, as well as the need for evolving toward new tools and objective methodologies that can help you keep pace with risk assessment and management. Gain ideas for building reliable plans based on thorough, objective BIAs and methodologies. And leverage the opportunity to make business continuity a more strategic part of your organization’s operations.

Five Steps to BCM Customer Satisfaction

Elevate your BCM profile within your organization by taking a page from this playbook on customer satisfaction. Gain insight for leveraging basics of the BCM process into opportunities to raise your profile and value in the eyes of the key organizational "customers." Learn tactics that have already proven their validity at the highest levels in more than 250 organizations, and ideas you can apply in any organization.

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