5-Point Evaluation: What to Look for in BCP Software, Today vs. 2009

In various forms, business continuity planning (BCP) software has been around for over twenty years, yet identifying, evaluating, and selecting the right tool for your organization can be an arduous process. Most just want it explained and demonstrated in simple terms because they are already distressed from the laborious manual efforts and binders or need to desperately leave behind clumsy or outdated software they already have. Many providers distract from their lack of capabilities by drawing attention to only the bells and whistles. Now add Cloud access and software-as-a-service (SaaS) to the equation and the array of questions that invites. Some may say they “survived the process” and it “wiped them out”—just ask a few BC folks who took on the task at the next DR/BC conference that you attend.

What was needed in 2009 to support a sound continuity program is so far different what is needed today.


Download our BCP Software Selection Guide to:

  • Know what to look for when evaluating BCP Software for resilience, compliance and competitiveness
  • Understand the importance and focus on availability of current capabilities vs. those that were important five years ago

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