Business Continuity Planning Webinars: Customer Success Stories

The month of June 2017 includes two exclusive webinars featuring customers that have simplified and elevated their business continuity programs using ResilienceONE by Strategic BCP.

June 7: Elevate Business Continuity to a Strategic Level

Feat. David Underwood, Vice President and Business Resiliency Manager at United Bankshares.

This webinar is hosted by Disaster Recovery Journal (DRJ).


United Bankshares implemented ResilienceONE from Strategic BCP as a comprehensive BCM platform to track key personnel and critical business systems—allowing the company to make important decisions very quickly in the event of a disaster or business interruption situation. Currently, 31 business units now have formal plans in place.

With consulting support, United Bankshares has shown that effective BCM means more than just compliance and has built a business case by defining its value beyond audits and examinations. The company culture now reflects the importance of planning. Where there were once only isolated plans or contact lists, there now exists a far more holistic view that elevates BC to a strategic level with greater relevance within the organization.

June 14: Integrating Business Continuity & Crisis Communications

Feat. Patrick Cowan, Patrick Cowan, Manager of Global Business Continuity at Ironshore Insurance.

This webinar is co-sponsored with Everbridge.


Typical Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions leave emergency communications in the hands of independent Emergency Mass Notification Systems—often purchased and maintained by separate departments.

As global threats increase, organizations are realizing the advantage of tight integration within one solution for fast, critical decision-making and communications during disaster or business outages. This is essential to keeping their operations, IT, vendors, and business processes resilient.

The Everbridge system is integrated within Strategic BCP’s ResilienceONE® Business Continuity software to give users a single point of execution when declaring an incident with seamless and streamlined notifications.

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