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Crisis Management Services

Effective Crisis Management responses ensure life safety, communications, and a centralized response to any event. Before an organization can enact business continuity and/or disaster recovery plans, careful consideration to crisis management  to ensure an effective and timely response. We can help you with:

Structure & Team

Working with your organization, we create the structure for a Crisis Management Team (CMT) which is generally composed of 5-7 executives with responsibilities and activities that are considered critical when responding to a business continuity incident. We will assist you in identifying the appropriate CMT Roles, associated responsibilities, and in the assignment of personnel to provide the team and structure that works best for your organization.


If you have a Crisis Management Team, what are its responsibilities? When is the team activated? When is it just informed or consulted? Strategic BCP helps you create a framework that allows your crisis management organization to easily operate in under the worst of circumstances.

Tabletop Exercises

Only a real-world scenario can help determine how comprehensive your plans are. We will help you create a crisis management tabletop exercise based on a realistic scenario that is relevant to your business, and serve as both the Facilitator and Evaluator of this exercise. All of our exercises include a comprehensive tabletop exercise report

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