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Cyber Resilience

Cybersecurity has rightfully eclipsed natural disasters as the focus of business resiliency. Strategic BCP has been a thought leader in integrating information security with business continuity.

Being resilient is not an end game, it's a journey.

Cyber Security Incident Response Team Development

Develop your team of professionals to help speed efficient recovery before a cyber security incident actually occurs. Through this offering our team of cyber experts will guide you through building a Cyber Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRT). We will:

  • Define all team members and business functions that are considered critical during times of response are defined.
  • Identify core functions of teams as well as roles and responsibilities such as event monitoring and identification, investigation, decision-making, work area recovery, evidence collection, forensic analysis, communication, legal support, media management (Public Relations), Human Resources (HR) management, outsourced services management, customer service, and IT disaster recovery.
  • Assist organizations assign roles and provide documentation for the CSIRT Team Organization Chart/Matrix and CSIRT RACI Charts.
Cyber Incident Tabletop Exercises

Don’t let an incident catch you off guard – practice and improve.

We create a cyber incident tabletop exercise based on a realistic scenario relevant to your business. The participants will include senior management and members of the CSIRT. Our team will serve as both the Facilitator and Evaluator of this exercise. Deliverables include:

  • Draft Tabletop Exercise
  • Final Tabletop Exercise
  • Draft Exercise Report
  • Final Exercise Report