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Powerful Capability to Business Continuity and Crisis Management

The Everbridge Mass Notification system is integrated within Strategic BCP’s ResilienceONE® Business Continuity Management (BCM) software. ResilienceONE users gain a single point of execution when declaring a disaster or business outage with seamless and streamlined notifications. The Everbridge solution is built into ResilienceONE, so no customization or configuration is required.

The State of the Industry

Typical BCM and Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions leave emergency communications in the hands of independent Emergency Mass Notification System (EMNS) solutions—often purchased and maintained by separate departments. As the market evolves, our community now realizes the advantage of tight integration.

The Advantages of Integrating

Separate teams often manage BCM/DR and EMNS, only using EMNS in emergencies—when e-mail inboxes become overwhelmed and administrators must contact employees and vendors through SMS, voicemail, or other means. With this in mind, clients realize the value of EMNS as a communication tool. BCM/DR products that include EMNS present a conundrum for development teams, product managers, and owners: Where is the focus? One component’s capabilities may wane as the other’s advance. An integrated, best-product approach allows the client to select the ideal solution for each task.

Key Features

  • Notification templates show precisely what you communicate to whom, enabling recovery development and ensuring appropriate planning.
  • Status synchronization allows clients to see communication feedback from those notified all in one place—alongside the overall recovery status.
  • Identifiers synchronize contacts/groups to protect privacy, eliminate redundancy, and instruct EMNS to use a specified path (i.e. current cell #).

The Integration Bottom Line

A mature Application Programming Interface (API) ensures sharing and user experience are seamless. Some vendors make clients build the integration themselves or charge fees per implementation. Integration allows for workflow-driven planning and operational resiliency using the best products. It reuses data and processes, communicates quickly, and ensures accuracy—without costly customization or product limitations. Strategic BCP and Everbridge allow clients to confidently manage their business continuity and critical communications within one cloud-based solution.