Expand Your BCP Focus: Assess, Mitigate, and Manage Risk

If you are one of the many business continuity professionals wearing multiple hats these days, you are probably expected to play some role in risk management. If so, that requires evolving from a reactive approach to continuity and recovery toward a more proactive approach to assessing, mitigating, and managing risk.

Whatever your role, you can enhance your impact within the organization by thinking more strategically. The objective is to move beyond a reactive, document-centric continuity plan to develop a more analytical, proactive approach that also identifies, quantifies, and prioritizes risk. By doing so, your organization can focus on mitigating the risks of outages before they happen. Likewise, they can decide whether to mitigate that risk by avoiding it, reducing it, transferring/sharing it (e.g. insurance), or accepting and preparing for it.

Obviously, choosing the right BCM risk assessment and continuity management tools will help you deal with risk. But adopting the right perspective and strategic approach, first, goes a long way toward helping you manage both the processes and the outcomes.

Download the full white paper to learn more about:

  • Recognizing the convergence of risk management and business continuity
  • Introducing new focus on mitigating risk
  • Understanding your organization’s operations and the impact of taking them down
  • Not letting the wrong tools or methods lead you down the wrong path
  • Guiding principles

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