Five Steps to BCM Customer Satisfaction

The first step: Identify and classify your “customers”

Certainly, your immediate supervisor and other top-level executives are important people to please. But expanding the definition of “customer” to department heads and other contributors can enhance the cooperation you need to achieve your business continuity management (BCM) objectives.

The bottom line is that your relationship with these customers will ultimately impact the “perceived” value of your plan.That holds true just as much for those who provide input as it does for those who will review, approve, and act upon the plan.

How well they buy into your data-gathering approach can determine their level of cooperation and your ultimate level of BCM success. So make sure to consider their perspectives and feelings in how you approach their participation and how you communicate your resulting strategy.

Game-plan checklist:

  • Identify input-contributing customers.
  • Identify outcome-reviewing customers.
  • Itemize issues and concerns for key customers within each group.
  • Identify and understand inter-dependencies among departments and functions that can affect each of your customer groups.

Additional steps to BCM Customer Satisfaction:

  • Second step: Reframe customer perceptions
  • Third step: Simplify the process for them
  • Fourth step: Return the favor

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