2014 Gartner Business Continuity Planning Software Magic Quadrant Leaders Announced

Gartner, a US-based research and advisory firm, publishes a business continuity planning software Magic Quadrant report every 1-2 years. The report characterizes Gartner’s assessment of competing vendor’s “completeness of vision and ability to execute” according to 15 undisclosed criteria.1

Vendors are positioned into one of four quadrants:

  • Leaders (positioned in the top-right of the magic quadrant) score highly in all categories. They tend to be larger, more mature businesses. They have a vision for the future, know what can be done now, and execute well.
  • Challengers score well on follow through but a bit lower on their completeness of vision. These companies are strong performers today but may not have a good handle on where the market is headed or a path laid out get there. Challengers are positioned in the top-left of the magic quadrant.
  • Visionaries understand the market and know what the future could look like, but tend to score lower when it comes to delivery. These are usually smaller, less mature companies.
  • The last group, Niche players (positioned in the bottom-left of the magic quadrant) score the lowest in all categories. Niche players and new kids on the block often fall into this quadrant.

I am very proud to announce that Strategic BCP, creators of ResilienceONE, was placed in the Leader quadrant for the second year in a row and was one of eight vendors to place in this quadrant out of the 18 total BCM/BCP offerings evaluated.

In their report, Gartner states: “Business continuity management planning software is the key tool used to manage the business continuity management program process from risk assessment to business impact analysis through recovery plan development, exercising, and invocation.”1

You can access a complimentary copy of the report here.

Leaders in the 2014 Gartner Business Continuity Magic Quadrant have been announced. This is a snapshot of the quadrant.

According to Gartner, the features that distinguish the vendors from each other and form their position in the business continuity management Magic Quadrant are:

  • Ease of configuration and customization;
  • Ease of use;
  • Depth of data analytics, C/IM and exercise management;
  • Level of real-time interaction of mobile device apps; and
  • Plan management aides, such as built-in workflow procedures for business impact analysis (BIA) and recovery plan creation and maintenance.

The full report includes:

  • Gartner’s updated criteria for a fully-featured BCM/BCP solution;
  • In-depth reviews of each participating vendor; and
  • Current trends in the BCM/BCP market.

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1 https://www.gartner.com/doc/486094

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