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Business Continuity for Healthcare

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) in the healthcare industry is a must not only to comply with HIPPA regulations, but to protect patients and employees, deliver the best patient care, limit financial loss, and preserve reputation. Healthcare organizations may also be susceptible to cybercrime, weather-related emergencies, and data breaches. In terms of healthcare, electronic medical records are being used universally to track each patient’s care. If a network or system goes down, it needs to be restored as quickly as possible to ensure the well-being of all patients. This is a matter of life and death.

Further, at any given time, healthcare professionals may need to plan for the next epidemic or crisis situation that could come through the Emergency Room. In addition to saving lives, healthcare providers need to depend on the security of patient information and know that their systems will be fully functional or operating as quickly as possible in the event a network is compromised.

Strategic BCP ResilienceONE offers a clear and complete all-in-one software solution with functionality that exceeds the needs of the healthcare industry. The software includes an auto-generated Business Impact Analysis (BIA) for strong preventative measures, Crisis Management action plan, IT Disaster Recovery, and Vendor Risk Management to keep threats in check. It also features regulatory best practices, 100% audit protection, and the BCP Genome makes ResilienceONE the most full-featured and versatile solution for compliance with business continuity standards.

Healthcare systems need a concise and practical business continuity plan to protect their patients, employees and keep their networks and facilities up and running. In the event of a disaster, your organization needs to have a seamless recovery in place with reduced financial or medical implications to limit downtime and maximize efficiency.

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