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Insurance Co. and Strategic BCP Prepare for the Challenges of Growth

The BCM team operates like a consultancy to provide a deep awareness as to why we do what we do and incorporate planning into daily work.

Senior Risk Manager

A Team that Knows the Importance of Risk Management

An insurance company’s products include car insurance, a magazine, and a roadside service program that includes a host of benefits for car owners. They have regional offices throughout the US, Canada, and Europe. Their Business Continuity Management begins with a Senior Risk Manager and a Business Continuity Management Program Coordinator. They collaborate with individuals from different business units to create, support, and maintain plans that address the needs of every department. As insurance is their business, they know the importance of threat assessment, damage mitigation, and risk management. That is why they such value on Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery—and why they chose ResilienceONE® from Strategic BCP.

Company-Wide and Cross-Team Collaboration

Their team develops and maintains strong relationships with 40 individuals from across the organization. They also involve a number of subject-matter experts as needs dictate. This collaboration allows them to time their efforts for maximum effectiveness. When the team brings departments into BC planning, they focus on growth strategy and encourage each department to consider how easily an “incident” can grow into a “crisis.” To reinforce this, external consultants—including experts from Strategic BCP—frequently present real-world case studies.

Using the collaborative tools that are a cornerstone of ResilienceONE, the team operates like a consultancy to provide a broader understanding of the importance of business continuity. When the team trains personnel, they do not just say, “We must plan.” They provide awareness as to why—allowing each department to incorporate BC planning into their daily work.”

Preparing for Growth Requires Specialized Efforts

Unlike other organizations, they operate the BC program within the arena of Enterprise Risk and Compliance on the business side of the organization. Under the management of General Council, the program receives guidance from the Board via our Audit and Enterprise Risk Management committees. They are expanding very quickly. With this in-mind, one of their primary challenges is to scale the BCM program to both their current rate of growth and their operational budget. As they grow, they strive to embed the right behavior throughout their organization—that BC is “everyone’s business.”

The company’s use of ResilienceONE goes a very long way toward making collaboration effective. With the tools found in ResilienceONE, they communicate across departments in a common language, using one common interface. As planners pull information from many various departments, they have found that having a standardized platform is necessary. As a bonus, having different business units speaking one common language has helped each unit develop trust in what it is that BCM does.

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