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Business Continuity for Manufacturing

A business continuity plan (BCP) for organizations in the manufacturing industry is critical to their success. Manufacturing companies need to have strategic plans in place to ensure that disruptions are avoided in the areas of staffing, supplies and machinery. With the threat of weather-related emergencies, vendor and operations risk, and cybercrime; an effective BCP will help mitigate risk to limit both financial and reputational loss.

Organizations need to keep their machinery and operations fully functional, in some cases 24/7, so disaster recovery is a crucial factor to take into consideration to get back up and running at any time of day or night. Many manufacturers may also have multiple locations so keeping track of all data in one software solution will save time, energy and money.

Most manufacturers are susceptible to risks due to long and complex supply chains. Also, the more suppliers a company has, the greater the risk. Vendor risk management is important to mitigate as quickly as possible since a manufacturers’ livelihood is based on their ability to manufacture and produce goods or products. If machinery or operations are comprised, are not compliant with regulatory standards or are shut down, the outcome can be devastating.

Strategic BCP ResilienceONE all-in-one software solution can solve your manufacturing organization’s BCP needs. It allows for proprietary and custom reporting on all fields to objectively manage risk and keep threats in check. The crisis management feature allows for a comprehensive action plan including key personnel to be notified immediately. The software allows the client to include outside vendors in their Recovery Timeframe Objectives (RTOs) based on potential impact. Further, it measures revenue loss, increased cost, and reputational damage so your organization can mitigate these factors before they become detrimental.

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