New Look and Feel for ResilienceONE BCM Software

I am extremely proud to announce ResilienceONE Version 8, which is the latest product release of our Business Continuity Management (BCM) software. Version 8 offers new, pinpointed screens and clean navigation across any device. Our new look and feel is unmatched and complements the power and flexibility of ResilienceONE—making it the most simplified user experience in the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery industry.

Since ResilienceONE was introduced in 2004, our product development team has been driven to simplify decision-making for our customers when they are confronted with disaster recovery and business interruption situations. Version 8.0 is one of their finest developments that will make BCM easier for our customers. The enhancements include:

Improved Plan Development: With just one click, users can easily access their tasks, generate consistent plans, and route them through approval workflows—with no setup required. Zoom to enlarged screen


New Task Wizards: As tasks are assigned to users, a built-in Wizard is automatically generated in ResilienceONE making setup seamless for administrators. Zoom to enlarged screen


Clean Look & Feel: ResilienceONE’s new user interface offers ease of use across over 40 BCM job activities including program management, data gathering, analysis and reporting, testing, and maintenance. Zoom to enlarged screen


Version 8.0 also includes functionality enhancements to many popular ResilienceONE features.

We will be demonstrating Version 8.0 at DRJ Fall World 2016 in Phoenix AZ on September 18-21. Strategic BCP is also sponsoring the conference.

Earlier in the year, Strategic BCP was recognized by Gartner as leaders in BCM software for the third consecutive year based on customer experience, innovation, capabilities, pricing, and professional services performance.

Hope to see you in Phoenix!


If you are not attending DRJ Fall World, you can:


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