Playbook: Converging Business Continuity & Risk Management

The demands placed upon Business Continuity (BC), Risk Management (RM), and Disaster Recovery (DR) professionals are increasing every day. As a result, organizations need to reassess their approach Business Continuity Management (BCM). If they don’t, they’ll get left behind, affected by continued adherence to outdated methods. The convergence of the BC and RM disciplines are ongoing.

Emerging regulations, frameworks, and standards place greater emphasis on risk management. As decision makers accept this evolution, Business Continuity increasingly becomes a subset of Risk Management. How the process is implemented—the value it brings a risk-based model—determines whether or not the process is sound.

Risk Management vs. Business Continuity

I recently co-presented the BC/RM convergence picture to nearly 600 BC planners and IT folks at Disaster Recovery Journal (DRJ) Spring World 2015 in Orlando. All levels of BC and RM were represented across every industry. Regulated markets such as Finance, Insurance, Life Sciences and others were especially focused in. Key takeaways were how to 1) focus on reducing Risk and improving performance; 2) establish a functional connection with Business, IT, and Risk Management; and 3) incorporate a Risk view up front with solution planning and strategic initiatives.

Since this hot topic became the buzz during the DRJ Spring World conference, I published a “Playbook” for BCM professionals, showing how to add value to their organizations in the NEW converged world of Business Continuity and Risk Management.

You can download a copy of the Playbook, and compare against your BC/RM strategies.

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