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ResilienceONE for Business Continuity & Resilience

Automate your BCP today for better recoveries tomorrow.

ResilienceONE is a robust solution that helps organizations analyze operations as well as plan for and recover from any type of business outage. At its core, the solution utilizes Strategic BCP’s unique BCP Genome, a set of 107 criteria that includes leading industry BC standards, regulations, and best practices to ensure compliance with relevant standards across multiple industries. The solution uses a powerful relational database to associate business functions, processes, and components and identify risks, establish priorities, and generate and test recovery and continuity plans. ResilienceONE is a multi-faceted solution that makes it easy to start planning on solid ground. Leverage ResilienceONE to:

  • Learn downtime impact to all business areas
  • Cover all aspects of resilience to minimize exposure
  • Build customized BC plans right away
  • Pinpoint and prioritize the greatest threats
  • Manage risk objectively
  • Gain instant access for unlimited users
IT Run Books | Step-by-Step Planning

ResilienceONE provides an easy-to-follow format for IT Disaster Recovery Planning. Users record procedures and resources needed for restoration of assets. Ideal for complicated/matrixed IT environments, this feature can be linked across recovery teams.

Recovery Playbooks | Step-by-Step Procedures

ResilienceONE provides step-by-step work-around procedure templates for each critical business function within your organization, helping you prepare for any worst-case scenario. Recovery Playbooks can link recovery resources and supporting documentation and automatically transfer operation blueprint information. Authorized users can utilize Recovery Playbooks online or generate printed documentation from them.

Minimal Operational Configuration Minimize Redundancies

Create templates for each department to identify IT support components across departments and facilities. Determine when those components, job functions, and vendors should mobilize to support critical business functions. These configurations achieve economy-of-scale and can limit costly redundancies.

Notification Call Tree Identify and Mobilize Key Personnel

Templates for IT Recovery Teams let users identify key recovery personnel and establish a system for their mobilization.