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ResilienceONE for Disaster Recovery

There’s no stopping Mother Nature, but a comprehensive disaster recovery plan helps you weather any storm with step-by-step instructions to get your most valuable resources back online. With ResilienceONE BCM software you can:

Restore any IT asset with automatically accessible IT disaster recovery plans based on incident impact.

Track your resources in real time via an interactive tracking “GPS” system that dynamically changes as you perform each step.

Monitor multiple, concurrent disasters live.

Access a goldmine of business recovery and process information with a fully integrated relational database linking all business processes, associated assets, personnel, facilities, and vendors.

Instantly send urgent notifications to appropriate personnel.

IT Inventory Area – Global Asset Management

Easily make changes to plans and drop-down lists by editing or deleting components or pre-populating lists via GUI or direct integration.

IT Gap Assessment – Identify Capabilities and Objectives

IT recovery planners must understand the business requirements, identify recovery capabilities, and pinpoint gaps between them. ResilienceONE automatically prioritizes all IT components and compares capabilities and objectives for each so organizations can easily spot issues before they arise.

IT Hierarchies with Full System Mapping

Link assets throughout the organization and on different levels to create a full system map, and ResilienceONE updates the prioritization of IT infrastructure automatically.