ResilienceONE for IT Risk Management

Protect Your Infrastructure

ResilienceONE guards critical business components using Information Technology Risk Management (ITRM). Damage to your IT infrastructure such as hardware, software, or network resources can result in significant revenue loss, increased costs, and even harm your reputation—all of which can lead to the destruction of your business. ResilienceONE will easily and effectively keeps these threats in check. With ResilienceONE BCM software you can:

Evaluate risks to your critical IT infrastructure with easy drag-and-drop reporting
Identify associated processes and assets by risk, potential impact, priority and relationship
Create strategic what-if plans and contingencies for all critical IT components

Keep Your IT Assets Safe

We know that your business IT assets are vital. We also know all too well that they are vulnerable. To best identify those risks you face, ResilienceONE uses proprietary technology to document the greatest threats to your organization’s IT assets. It helps you not only document those risks—but prioritize, analyze, and trace them as well. ResilienceONE lets you analyze risks from any angle:

Automate data-gathering without costly customization to protect what matters most.
Weigh calculations to yield an overall risk score/threshold for every business process.
Develop risk-mitigation measures using sophisticated, proprietary risk-modeling algorithms.
Develop your Recovery Timeframe Objectives (RTOs) based on potential impact.

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