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ResilienceONE for Vendor Continuity Management

Vendor Continuity Management

Reach beyond typical boundaries to ensure external risks are uncovered and addressed before a crisis occurs with Vendor Continuity Management (VCM) within ResilienceONE 2019

VCM streamlines and simplifies how organizations assess the role vendors play in an organization’s daily operations and recovery efforts. The module extends the scope of traditional Business Continuity Management (BCM) programs with true insight into external risks that could impact the return to business as usual.

Most organizations utilize a web of vendors to bring products to market, broadening their exposure to risk with every connection. VCM enables BC professionals to easily profile and screen vendors, conduct impact assessments at the product level, determine assessment needs, and maintain historical and auditable assessment records. These professionals can better manage vendor products and services, as well as, their business impacts, determine the vendor’s risk score, capture contract and SLA details and access additional visualization and reporting capabilities.

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The VCM module provides full functionality for:

  • Vendor Impact Assessment determines the vendor’s criticality to recovery
  • Vendor Products and Services Management allows relationship building for Products and Services to the Vendor to identify potential vulnerabilities
  • Vendor Assessment Management maintains historical and auditable assessment records
  • Vendor Contract Management captures contract and SLA details for associated Products and Services
  • Vendor Profiling and Screening determines assessment needs
  • Visualization & Reporting creates detailed reports and charts to show, at a glance, how prepared vendors are for an outage, through advanced visualization and reporting capabilities

Protect Your Infrastructure

Extend your BCM protection beyond the walls of your organization with ResilienceONE 2019. Now, you can easily access and effectively manage risks with third-party vendors on whom you rely. Contact us now.