ResilienceONE v8.0 Gives New Look and Feel to BCM Software

Strategic BCP’s innovative ResilienceONE business continuity management (BCM) software now offers new, pinpointed screens and clean navigation to complement its powerful and flexible functionality. It’s called Version 8.0 and its becoming the most simplified user experience in the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery industry.

Version 8.0 includes:

IMPROVED PLAN DEVELOPMENT: With just one click, users can easily access their tasks, generate consistent plans, and route them through approval workflows—with no setup required. ResilienceONE’s new user interface makes things easy.

NEW DYNAMIC TASK WIZARDS: As tasks are assigned to users, customized planning workflow navigation is automatically created that takes users step-by-step through completing tasks. Administrators can easily customize the workflows with specific instructions that accompany each task.

CLEAN LOOK & FEEL FOR INCREASED EFFICIENCY: ResilienceONE’s new user interface offers improved workflow capability by streamlining and automating over 40 BCP tasks—including program management, data gathering, analysis and reporting, testing, and maintenance. Customers report gains of over 94% in efficiency using ResilienceONE over other methods and tools. Our users easily manage BC/DR programs as lone planners or with enterprise-wide participation.

r1-v8-bcm-softwareResilienceONE from Strategic BCP lets you implement your plans for disaster recovery and business interruption situations in minutes, with built-in content, compliance, analytics, and automated workflows. It reduces time and costs by leveraging best practices to exceed the goals of a BC/DR program.

Version 8.0 also includes functionality enhancements to many other popular ResilienceONE features.

Version 8.0 and the full capabilities of ResilienceONE are accessible for evaluation by requesting a PERSONAL DEMONSTRATION with an enterprise consultant.

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