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Business Continuity Meets Integrated Risk Management in a Whole New Way

Presented by Terence Lee at Strategic BCP and John Ambra at SAI Global

Hosted by Disaster Recovery Journal (DRJ)

Companies have learned that implementing all the risk management strategies in the world will not help them recover from a disruption if they have not integrated business continuity planning and exercising with risk management. But, as organizations make the shift from Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) to the more comprehensive Integrated Risk Management (IRM) platforms, many are left wondering how to incorporate Business Continuity Management (BCM) into their processes.

In this webinar, Strategic BCP and SAI Global discuss how to implement fully integrated BCM and IRM programs to protect operations and manage risk. Market leaders in the industry, Terence Lee, Vice President of Product Strategy, Strategic BCP and John Ambra, Vice President Risk Product Strategy at SAI Global will show attendees:

  • How to take an integrated approach to Risk and Business Continuity Management
  • How to manage risk and compliance in a proactive manner
  • Best practices for building programs that limit impacts on business
  • How to get started today

We keep it simple, yet comprehensive for rapidly responding to today’s global threats and outages.

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