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Elevate BC to a Strategic Level

Featuring United Bankshares Success

Sponsored by Strategic BCP | Hosted by Disaster Recovery Journal (DRJ)

In this exclusive webinar, you will hear from David Underwood, Vice President and Business Resiliency Manager at United Bankshares, and his story to elevate the company’s business continuity-disaster recovery program using effective tools and best practices. United Bankshares is a holding company that operates banks in five states and the District of Columbia to provide commercial lending and banking operations in addition to credit card, trust, mortgage, investment, and advisory services. They expect to report $20B in assets for 2017. Learn strategies critical to BC success including how to: Advocate internally for effective planning; Implement improved time-management skills; and Leverage buy-in from executives and business units.


United Bankshares implemented ResilienceONE® from Strategic BCP as a comprehensive BCM platform to track key personnel and critical business systems—allowing the company to make important decisions very quickly in the event of a disaster or business interruption situation. Currently, 31 business units now have formal plans in place.

With consulting support, United Bankshares has shown that effective BCM means more than just compliance and has built a business case by defining its value beyond audits and examinations. The company culture now reflects the importance of planning. Where there were once only isolated plans or contact lists, there now exists a far more holistic view that elevates BC to a strategic level with greater relevance within the organization.

We keep it simple, yet comprehensive for rapidly responding to today’s global threats and outages.

Our ResilienceONE software provides automation of manual work, powerful risk analytics, visualization tools and dashboards, and a real-time enterprise command center that is the cornerstone of limiting the loss of billions of dollars worldwide. With 500,000 cross-industry users at top companies around the globe, ResilienceONE carefully balances ease of use, customization, and administration for our business continuity and risk management customers. Situations that normally take 24 to 48 hours to unravel are under control within minutes. Our system does not rely on third party platforms, code, or additional investment.