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Gold Diggers & Business Continuity

Presented by Christopher Duffy, Vice President, Strategic BCP

Business continuity and IT strategist Christopher Duffy helps you transform from a data gatherer into a “Big Data” analyst. Hear real world examples that can be quickly delivered from within your BCM system.

About Christopher Duffy

Christopher Duffy leads Strategic BCP’s professional services division, which provides new ways for customers to mitigate risk, build agile, resilient plans, while ensuring compliance with industry guidelines and federal regulations. He is an industry award winning consultant and a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) who possesses over 25 years’ experience in IT management, disaster recovery, business impact analysis, and risk mitigation. Duffy also possesses extensive experience in vendor management, data center management, and acquisition integration. He is a frequent blogger, speaker, and author. Duffy has received multiple awards in leadership and innovative IT.

We keep it simple, yet comprehensive for rapidly responding to today’s global threats and outages.

Our ResilienceONE software provides automation of manual work, powerful risk analytics, visualization tools and dashboards, and a real-time enterprise command center that is the cornerstone of limiting the loss of billions of dollars worldwide. With 500,000 cross-industry users at top companies around the globe, ResilienceONE carefully balances ease of use, customization, and administration for our business continuity and risk management customers. Situations that normally take 24 to 48 hours to unravel are under control within minutes. Our system does not rely on third party platforms, code, or additional investment.

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