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Vendor Continuity Management Services

Organizations are increasingly dependent on other vendors and suppliers to bring their goods and services to market. This dependence has caused a paradigm shift in the way that organizations plan for resiliency as the need to uncover and prepare for risks externally is now as important as internal planning. 

As business models change to include more business partners, resiliency programs must also adapt to ensure that their organization is not impacted by a vendor’s incident. Often, we rely on our vendor’s word that their Business continuity program is sufficient – but what if it’s not?

Our VCM consulting solutions provide insight into how vendors interact with a business and determines which are most critical to resiliency. Our consultants can clarify which vendors pose the most risk to the organization, enabling mitigation before a crisis occurs. From vendor on-boarding through testing, our services ensure that your vendors are partners in continuity planning rather than a liability to your resiliency program.

Being resilient is not an end game, it's a journey.

Vendor Continuity Management Assessment

Our consultants work with you to conduct an assessment and gap analysis of your current Vendor Continuity Management Program against FEMA’s supply Chain Resilience Guide. After reviewing the organization’s Vendor Governance, Vendor Risk Assessments, Vendor Business Continuity Plans, Vendor Disaster Recovery Plans, Vendor Tests and Exercises, a final assessment report is drafted to ensure your organization is well protected. 

Vendor Continuity Management Governance

Take the first step in developing a comprehensive VCM program. Our consultants create  vendor continuity management foundation documentation built specifically for the needs of your organization. The program includes detailed documentation, organization of existing vendors into tiers and recommendations for managing each tier.  

Vendor Impact Assessment

The Vendor Impact Assessment (VIA) empowers BCM professionals by using multiple impact factors and weightings to help determine the overall impact of that vendor to the entire organization. The VIA can also help identify gaps between business required expectations and the vendor’s resiliency and response capabilities.

Vendor Resilience Assessment and Score

Gain a true understanding of your Vendor’s resilience and their ability to meet and/or exceed your recovery timeframe objectives as determined by your business impact assessment. We’ll even provide recommendations on how vendors can become more resilient.