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Through poignant conversations at our industry conferences—hosted by DRJ, DRI, BCI, and others—we are reminded that despite the immense value business continuity planning and management (BCP&M) professionals provide in their industry, they need to continually work hard to prove their efficiency and relevance within an organization.

Making a difference!

We want to help change that. This blog is a way to help BCM & BCP professionals raise their profile—serving as an open forum to share information and stay up-to-date—as colleagues with common goals.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the industry, education is the best tool to arm you for resilience, compliance, and competitiveness.

Insights will be shared from our hands-on team of real BC practitioners as well as Strategic BCP® clients and partners—and hopefully you! Topics will offer best practices, lessons learned, and real-world success examples. Current BCP software considerations, processes, and compliance standards will also be discussed.

About the experts at Strategic BCP®

Collectively, we bring over 75 years of experience, stemming from our corporate days in BC/DR to now outspoken, unbiased advocates helping companies employ relevant tools and industry best practices that streamline BCP for their enterprise resilience. Our experts include:

  • Frank Perlmutter (CBCP, MBCI): Founder & Former DR/COOP Manager for the U.S. Department of the Treasury
  • Dave Olkowski (CBCP, MBCI): Senior Manager & Former BC Analyst at MBNA America Bank
  • Cherie Taylor (CBCP): Senior Manager & Member of the Business Continuity Planners Association (BCPA) Board of Directors
  • Chris Duffy (CISSP): Chief Innovation Officer, VP of Consulting Services & Former CIO at Peirce College

What are the rules of exchanging insights?

We all know how complicated this industry can be. There’s no shortage of information to be shared. Here are three ways that you can share views in our Blog:

  1. Sharing comments. We welcome your views to topics posted by Strategic BCP experts. We ask that you keep an open mind, be respectful, and choose your words carefully. Above all else, be helpful to your fellow BC colleagues!
  2. Submitting guest posts. You can also share your own insights and experiences to compelling topics and industry trends. Contact us, and we can discuss your intended topic(s) and show you how to get started.
  3. Discussing by phone. Take your discussion offline. Feel free to contact one of our subject matter experts at 866.594.7227.

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